The Value of Being Platform Agnostic

Does your conferencing service have platform harmony?

Before we dive into answering that question, we should probably clarify what platform agnostic means. Simply put…

“Platform agnostic is a concept that refers to the design attributes and philosophies of software products. A platform agnostic product runs equally well across more than one platform” -Techopedi

For example, you can operate a software product using MS Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems alike. This is where things get tricky. More and more employees are using their own devices for both personal and professional use. This is called  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and if you look at the infographic below, 80% of employees are using this approach.  Therefore, how do you ensure your web conferencing program will work on multiple platforms?

rise of byod infographic

The first thing you need to do to ensure you are using the right web conferencing solution is to ask the experts. There are a plethora of solutions out there, so, choosing one that is compatible with multiple operating systems, media platforms, and personal browsers can feel like an impossible task. That’s what client services and consultants are there for. At Momentum Conferencing, our team won’t set you up with anything that doesn’t meet your needs. We have a variety of web conferencing systems available including Adobe Connect that works across all devices.

But why can’t companies work inside a closed ecosystem?

Working in a closed ecosystem means that everything is already optimised to work with everything else. But this approach can be incredibly limiting and it definitely goes against the BYOD mindset that so many business professionals have adopted. People want to have the ability to choose devices and systems that work best for them, instead of being told exactly what to do and how to operate. Furthermore, having the flexibility to work with the gear you are comfortable with and used to can actually help boost productivity and morale.

Likewise, using a platform agnostic system can have a positive impact on customer relations. You don’t want to eliminate potential customers right off the bat just because you can’t set up a compatible web conference with them. The solution is simple, just use tools that work for everyone and more opportunities will open up.

Start your free trial using an agnostic platform today.  Give us a call at 1-888-551-5925 or click here.


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