How to Host a Web Conferencing Meeting

Do you know how to host an effective web meeting?

Whether you are hosting a company-wide meeting, presenting a new training program or holding first round job interviews, web conferencing may be the best solution. It allows you to have real-time conversations with people across the country, rather than having to waste precious time and money on travel. However, in order to run a successful meeting, there are many steps you must follow.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan.

I think we can all agree that you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to plan a web conference meeting. From invitations, creating agendas and follow ups, there are a lot of pre-planning involved for effective web conference meetings. So, before you dive right in, make sure you have all the fine details sorted out.

2. Choose the right collaboration system. 

As the use of web conferencing has grown, many companies have come out with different conferencing software and hosting services. However, like any products, choosing the right one is essesntial for hosting effective meetings. Momentum Conferencing is the largest private reseller in Canada. They have access to the best solutions in the industry to meet all your conferencing needs. Click here to explore the different conferencing options that can help improve the way you host meetings.

3.  Engage with Participants.

After you’ve finished all the planning and you’ve chosen the best collaboration system for your meeting, you can focus on the actual presentation. This is the most important part. All your time, planning and energy was for this moment. So, make sure you host the best meeting possible by interacting and engaging with attendees. In order to do this, you can encourage questions, ask for feedback and use polls and surveys to increase participation. Another great tip is adding visuals and videos to your presentation; it will help participants stay focused by stimulating their mind.

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