Adobe Connect for Business

Adobe Connect offers web conferencing software with an immersive online experience for virtual classrooms, peer-to-peer collaboration, and webinars that scale for every audience size.

Product Details

  • Webinar Capability
  • Large Audience Capacity
  • Educational Infrastructure


Ease Of Use
Call Recording
Business Scalability

about adobe connect

Adobe Connect is the Adobe Corporation’s solution for online conferencing and webinars, featuring a strong focus on internal training and skill building.


Look into this solution if your sales and marketing team uses high-touch strategies involving consultations, webinars, and lessons. You can also utilize these features for internal communication and advancement, making it a powerful option for established businesses.

Flexible Pricing

Adobe has created a flexible pricing structure that matches your intent for the platform. Tailoring the cost to your specific business needs goes a long way toward keeping a steady cash flow.

Reliable Online Conference Rooms

Enterprise-quality software brings enterprise-level reliability. Dive into every meeting, webinar, and lesson knowing this product will work. Adobe’s reputation stable software becomes apparent here.

A Top Webinar Choice for Marketers

Webinars are an important part of every high-touch sales and marketing funnel. Look into Adobe Connect if you want to simplify the way you use digital technology in your lead generation and nurturing process.

Grow With a Digital Learning Solution

Employee development is important for every organization. Make it a priority with Adobe Connect’s versatile functionality as a tool for internal use on top of its effective external lead generation.


Premiere Global Services Incorporated (PGi) has been creating audio conferencing solutions since 1991. Its rise from traditional teleconferencing to the all-inclusive platform of the present has made it a top choice for growing businesses and enterprises.

Adobe Connect Features

lists_page_icon_3 Multi-Device Access lists_page_icon_3 Enterprise Plans
lists_page_icon_3 Global Coverage lists_page_icon_3 Personal Digital Office
lists_page_icon_3 Recording & Editing Tools lists_page_icon_3 Top-Level Security
lists_page_icon_3 Built-In Analytics lists_page_icon_3 Customizable Events
lists_page_icon_3 Enterprise-Quality Network lists_page_icon_3  Live Classroom Events
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