Hoot Meetings for Business

Hoot Meetings supports the requirements of any remote team concerned with secure and reliable video collaboration – or just a better online meeting experience.

Product Details

  • File Annotation
  • Call Recording
  • Live Assistance


Ease Of Use
Call Recording
Business Scalability

About Hoot Meetings

Hoot Meetings is Intrado’s premier collaborative platform for your day-to-day business communication needs for audio, web and video, with a strong emphasis on security.


Look into this solution if you’re a high-performance organization that deals with sensitive information and just needs private, disruption-free meetings. The 24/7 support team is on standby to address any issues or concerns.


Tailor Hoot Meetings to your business’s specific needs. A simplified interface, mobile integration and flexible connection options lets you tailor Hoot Meetings to your business needs. Keep the team productive whenever, wherever.

Take Advantage of Custom Waiting Rooms

Meetings can crowd your schedule, and sometimes they run late. You can’t control how others manage their time—but you can keep your next meeting participants online when you need some breathing room.

Share Everything to Communicate Clearly

Share your files, screen, and other project assets with participants to visualize everything you’ve been working on. Enjoy live-editing and annotation to make notes on your files right as people bring up new points.

Break Out into Sub-Meetings Easily

Don’t keep dozens of people waiting to start productive, hands-on sessions. Divide participants into sub-meetings to tackle specific projects and topics. When everybody’s focused, nobody’s dropping the productivity ball.

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