Have Better Audio on Every Web Meeting

There is nothing worse than experiencing audio issues on a conference call.

Having good communication with clients and colleagues is key to the success of any business. Conference calls not only cut travel costs but they also give you the ability to host a meeting anywhere at any time. But this convenience can quickly turn into a headache when technology acts up. How can you have a successful web conference meeting when the audio goes rogue?  Take a look at some tips below to see how you can improve your next remote meeting.

1.Use a Headset

If you are joining a remote meeting, a USB headset can make all the difference. It will improve your audio significantly. Just ensure that your collaboration platform is connected to your headset by checking your preferences and your audio levels before the call begins. Those joining your online meetings will notice the difference a headset makes.

2. Do a Test Run

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to test your equipment before a scheduled call. It makes you look unprofessional if others have to wait for you to enable and adjust your microphone. If you have to, call a colleague or a friend to get feedback on how you sound before your meeting begins.

3. Know the right positions

Do you know how to properly position your headset microphone to get the best sound possible? It’s simple, just place the microphone element an inch away from the side of your mouth to avoid noise from breathing.

Next, make sure the front of the microphone points toward your mouth but doesn’t actually touch you. Wearing your headset properly will help improve the overall sound quality of your web meetings.

4. Use a Hard Wire

Your wifi may be fast, but it’s not bandwidth that kills you on internet calls, it’s latency. Too much latency can cause your meetings to lag. However, by plugging into an ethernet port, latency is decreased and your calls will flow more smoothly.

5. Limit Background Noise

Nothing is more distracting than hearing background noises on a conference call. If you know you are meeting someone online, then find a nice, quiet place to go for the meeting. Turn off music, the television and other annoying sounds that will detract from your meeting.

6. Look but Don’t Touch

Another bad habit is when people touch the microphone during a live meeting. Handling noise is very disruptive. If you need to move a mic or adjust a headset, mute it first, move it, then unmute it. This will allow you to better position your microphone without disrupting the rest of the meeting participants.


7. Pad the Room

If you have a home office set up that you regularly use for web meetings, then padding the room will actually help improve your audio. Carpet, drapes, and drop ceilings all reduce ambient sound and echo and make you easier to understand. So, hit up your local home-decor store to find affordable padding that will not only spice up your office but also help improve your web-conference calls.

8. Make an Investment

You get what you pay for. A little investment in conferencing goes a long way. Get a USB audio device, and invest in a decent microphone. But most importantly, use a good conferencing solution. At Momentum, we have a plethora of web conferencing platforms that will help improve your meetings. Don’t believe us? Take one of our solutions for a test drive. To sign up for a free trial, click here.

9. Don’t Double Dip

Don’t open up two connections to the same call in the same room. If you can your co-worker both need to be on the same call, at the same time, then ensure that you are both wearing your own headsets. If you don’t do this, your connections can get crossed, which may cause a very unstable feedback situation.

10. No Cell Phones

Don’t get me wrong, cell phones are great for remote meetings when you can’t be in the office. There are also great Bluetooths and mobile headsets out there that will help improve the way you sound when you are on the go. But if you can avoid it, try not to join a remote meeting via cell phone, as their sound quality isn’t as good as a land line. However, if you are like most millennials out there and don’t have a landline, then try using a trusted collaboration platform like Adobe Connect for your next meeting. It will make you sound significantly better than connecting to a meeting using just your cell phone.

Audio can make or break your meetings. So, stop fighting bad connections and give us a call at 1-888-551-5925 or click here to see how we can help you improve the way you meet remotely.


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