CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom

CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom is a cloud video conferencing and collaboration solution for desktop and mobile. Start or join a meeting with crystal-clear, face-to-face video, high quality screen sharing, and instant messaging

Product Details

  • Fully integrated Cloud Voice UC collaboration to 500 attendees
  • Standalone web & video conferencing to 500 attendees
  • Full-feature webinars


Ease Of Use
Call Recording
Business Scalability

about CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zooms

CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom has since developed numerous integrations with platforms to become a natural next step for entrepreneurs, recent graduates, and medium offices looking for internal chat rooms.

Up to 500 Participants

CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom integrates with your address book to hold calls, video conferences, and even provide screen sharing with up to 500 people. They don’t need to be on Microsoft Teams for it to work, either.

Ideal for Professionals on the Go

CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom’ robust mobile app makes it a natural choice for teams holding regular meetings with clients, or for professionals who chase leads away from their desks once in a while.

Share your story

Host online events and automatically record events for later publishing with CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom.

Generate more leads

Identify quality leads with reporting and analytics and seamlessly import them into your marketing automation platform for follow up.

Simplify registration

Flexible registration management allows you to brand forms and emails, and integrate directly with your CMS.


CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom has always been a go-to tool for small teams to do things together even while working apart.

CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom Features

lists_page_icon_3 URL Invites lists_page_icon_3 Unlimited Meetings
lists_page_icon_3 Power Point Upload lists_page_icon_3 Auto-Camera Centering
lists_page_icon_3 250-Person Meetings lists_page_icon_3 Office Integration
lists_page_icon_3 Automatic Contact Import lists_page_icon_3 Polls + Q&A Tools
lists_page_icon_3 Screen Sharing lists_page_icon_3
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