Video Collaboration Platforms

Inspire customers and teammates as if everyone’s in the same room. Put a face to the meeting and take your communications to the next level.

Lead Conferences From the Front

Engage Everyone Face-to-Face

Share Content in Person

Invite Everyone On Their Terms

Video conferencing allows our team to pick up on more than just audio cues.

Audio cues only account for 20% of all communication. Take your communication operations to the next level with the video conferencing platform that fits your business best.

Everyone can become a proactive participant in your next meeting.

See the Difference in Every Meeting


Everyone Gets Face Time

Make everyone feel like a key member of the meeting with high-quality, high-speed video collaboration tools. We’ll show you the best fit.

Improve Audience Buy-In

Stop selling and start collaborating, no matter your audience. 90% of users say that video conferencing make their points more successfully.

Make Productivity Cultural

82% of video conference users are less likely to multitask during a meeting. Make your meetings productive and comfortable at the same time.

Expect Affordable Solutions

Let Us Build Your Custom Audio Conferencing Solution to Fit Your Business Operations

Take “Personal” for Granted

Eliminate Travel Times

Meet in person without travelling for hours. Share documents, assets, and designs as if you’re at the same table.

Take the Meeting Wherever You Go

Life changes quickly, but your availability shouldn’t. Free one-on-one meetings from time and location.

Expect World Class Service

24/7 Live Support

Technical problems don’t go away at lunch hour. Expect on-call help every day.

Support Teams on Standby

Count on Momentum’s technical support team to fix conferencing hiccups before they snowball into something larger.


Enjoy High-Definition Video
See your audience in crisp detail. Emulate natural face-to-face conversation to build an instant rapport.
Email and Calendar Integration
Never miss a beat between your day-to-day work and meeting productivity. Set the date breeze into the meeting.
Edit Your Video Layout
Prioritize whose video shows up where to maximize impact. Make sure the key speakers and stakeholders can be seen.
Use Your Camera on Your Device
Consult with Momentum to find the video collaboration platform that lets you meet in person using your own camera device.