GlobalMeet Audio Conferencing

GlobalMeet Audio empowers businesses to collaborate effectively from anywhere in the world. Its mobile and desktop applications offer multiple connection options to adapt to everyone’s workday schedule, location and conferencing comfort level.

Product Details

  • High Sound Quality
  • Mobile Calling
  • Internet Calling


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About GlobalMeet Audio

GlobalMeet Audio is a flagship product from Premiere Global Services Inc. (PGi), who has been creating teleconferencing solutions since 1991. GlobalMeet Audio has evolved into a versatile solution that covers traditional phone systems as well as voice-over-Internet-Protocol, making it a first choice among professionals in every industry.

Connect With More Participants

GlobalMeet Audio provides flexibility to connect with up to 300 internal and external participants using VoIP, dial- in, dial-out, and toll-free options. Gain greater geographical coverage with over 160 access numbers that span over 60 countries.

Make Every Meeting More Productive

GlobalMeet Audio’s crystal-clear voice communication and visual controls make teleconferences more productive. The service integrates easily with popular collaboration tools and enhances audio capabilities for users of Cisco WebEx, Skype for Business, several and other platforms.

Single-Click Conference Access

Save time and increase productivity with one-click meeting access. GlobalMeet Audio’s flexible connection options allow meeting entry through dial-in, dial-out, toll-free and VoIP from any device. It’s built for busy professionals.

Straightforward Mobile Experience

Take your meeting with you using GlobalMeet Audio’s intuitive mobile app. Join and host meetings from your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry device and set up every aspect of your conference call with clean, crisp menu options.

Audio Conferencing Built For Enterprise

75% of the Fortune 100 companies use GlobalMeet Audio for its reliability and security. These aspects make it a natural choice for growing organizations. The platform hosts over 60 million conferences per year.


Premiere Global Services Incorporated (PGi) has been creating audio conferencing solutions since 1991. Its rise from traditional teleconferencing to the all-inclusive platform of the present has made it a top choice for growing businesses and enterprises.

GlobalMeet Audio Features

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lists_page_icon_3 Global Coverage lists_page_icon_3 Fast Meeting Entry
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lists_page_icon_3 Flexible Connections lists_page_icon_3 Visual Controls
lists_page_icon_3 Enterprise Audio Network lists_page_icon_3 160 Access Numbers
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