iMeetLive Streamlines Internal Communications for Hawaiian Airlines

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Since 1929, Hawaiian Airlines has served as the largest airline in Hawaii, providing approximately 160 jet flights daily between the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaiian Airlines offers non-stop service to Hawaii from more U.S. gateway cities than any other airline. Such an undertaking requires the assistance of more than 5,700 employees dispersed throughout Hawaii, the U.S. Mainland, and the international cities served by the airline. With such an extensive, scattered network of employees, Hawaiian Airlines was seeking a webcasting solution that would allow the company to create a transparent line of strategic communication from the company and its leadership.

The majority of Hawaiian Airlines’ employees work in airports and operational settings -locations
imeet laptop which make it inherently difficult for company leadership to disseminate critical company updates in a timely manner. iMeetLive®, Hawaiian Airlines found a solution to their internal communication struggles. After adopting iMeetLive as its preferred webcasting software, Hawaiian Airlines quickly experienced better employee engagement through interactive town hall meetings and Q&A sessions hosted by the company’s president.

“Webcasts provide a critical way to get strategic messages across to al
l employees. Without iMeetLive, we’d be missing a key part of our communications strategy: positioning our executives directly in front of our 5,700 employees so they can learn about the company’s direction and ask questions.”Kevin Imanaka, Director of Internal and Corporate Communications

Hawaiian Airlines’ monthly town halls have been a huge success in terms of employee engagement and accessibility. Using iMeetLive’s recording capabilities, Hawaiian Airlines is able to guarantee that employees in different time zones and locales are able to participate in webcasts.

According to Kevin, “Interest in our webcast events and participation is on the rise since we began using iMeetLive. We have seen our numbers and diversity of employees steadily increase – more employees tuned into our last webcast than ever before.”

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