By 2015 1.3 Billion Workers Will Be Mobile. Are You Prepared?


The Rise of Buisiness MobilityAcross the globe workers are rapidly transitioning to mobile devices, which means that organizations must rethink how they collaborate. Check out this infographic from IDCto see just how much mobility is expected to rise by 2015. Then, read this Frost & Sullivan report to understand how video conferencing tools can help your organization maintain a productive workflow while ensuring top-notch security and IT control.

The mobile era in the workplace is emerging. IDC’s research shows that mobility trends transcend geographic, industry and cultural boundaries.

Download the The-Rise-of-Mobility Infographic

Video conferencing meets or exceeds more than 90 percent of users’ expectations

This explains why almost 50% of all users plan to expand their usage in the next 12 months. Read More from Frost & Sulivan

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