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Introducing GlobalMeet

A cloud-based web conferencing solution, GlobalMeet, has always provided easy-to-use, high-quality virtual meetings with powerful mobility and industry-leading features, including our user-driven online support system, the GlobalMeet Community. The newest version of GlobalMeet, GlobalMeet 3.1, has arrived, and we wanted to give you an overview of the features, improvements and enhancements we’ve included in the latest version. For more information on the changes in GlobalMeet 3.1, visit the official 3.1 page on the GlobalMeet Community.

Stream Video from Your File Library

A new feature in GlobalMeet 3.1 is the ability for hosts to stream video into the meeting directly from their File Library. After uploading a compatible video file, hosts are a single click away from sharing high-quality video with their guests.

GlobalMeet Video Streaming

Stream video directly from your File library in GlobalMeet 3.1.

In addition to video streaming, we’ve added presentation support for some additional content types in the File Library. You can now share the following file types into your next GlobalMeet meeting:

  • Word – .doc, .docx
  • Excel – .xls, .xlsx
  • Images – .gif, .jpg, .png


Even Easier Meeting Access

GlobalMeet My InfoSeveral of the updates and enhancements in GlobalMeet 3.1 are centered around making meeting access even easier for both hosts and guests. For example, a new “My Info” interface has been added, allowing GlobalMeet users to easily save and manage their phone numbers and set Auto-Connect audio preferences, letting you get into your meetings even faster.

Additionally, GlobalMeet guests now have the option to become Registered Users — by doing so, registered guests can also access “My Info” and store and manage their phone numbers for future use.

New Seasonal Background Images
This is a fun new addition in GlobalMeet 3.1. You know the gorgeous, high-quality backgrounds that greet you and your guests when you first join your meeting? We ran a contest here at PGi to allow any budding photographers among our employees to have the opportunity to have their photos featured in GlobalMeet. After hundreds of submissions, our Founder, Chairman and CEO Boland T. Jones hand-picked the new images you’ll see in GlobalMeet 3.1!

Screen Share Enhancements, Improved Interfaces and More
In addition to the features above, several enhancements have been made to GlobalMeet to make it faster and more intuitive than ever. GlobalMeet Screen Share now updates automatically in the background without interrupting your meeting experience and it now supports Slide Show mode in PowerPoint. The Help and Support interface has been redesigned to make getting support during your next virtual meeting easier than ever. And several bug fixes and performance enhancements have been made to make your GlobalMeet experience smoother and faster.

Looking for More? Start with a free trial version and join the GlobalMeet community


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