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2014 Webinar Series

Continuing in our FREE 2014 Webinar Series, join us NEXT WEDNESDAY for “What Platform is Right For You?” and discover how all the top rated industry platforms serve different goals.

Whether you are on Windows, Mac, or Linux, with any Flash-enabled browser, our platforms can deliver your message. The challenge comes before that however – what platform do you use?

With most of our platforms attendees no longer need access to a computer – they can simply download the platform’s app and connect into your event from anywhere.  Join us in this interactive discovery of “Which Platform Is Right For You?”

The next session is:
“What Platform is Right For You?” – Discover the many platforms available for Webinars.  

The next session date & time is:
Wednesday July 9th @ 10:30 am Pacific / 1:30 pm Eastern – Register now.

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