iMeet 5.0 – Easy, Affordable, and Better Than Ever!

If you have used iMeet, you already know the power and ease. Power and ease just got an upgrade.

[wpspoiler name=”NEW FEATURE: Dolby Voice” style=”wpui-sevin”]Crystal-clear audio available through VoIP on all iMeet calls.

ADVANTAGE: With high-definition audio, background noise reduction, spatial voice separation and simultaneous speech, Dolby Voice improves engagement by allowing all voices to be heard so participants can attentively listen and easily interact in the conversation.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”UPDATED FEATURE: HTML 5 Compatibility” style=”wpui-sevin”]Eliminates the need for the Adobe Flash plug-in and provides a cleaner and faster experience.

ADVANTAGE: Download and install the iMeet desktop app even faster. Gain a better meeting experience with sharper images, crisper text and quicker content loading.[/wpspoiler]

Time To Upgrade

For more information: contact support or get a free trial here.


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