Tech Tips for Better Marketing Collaboration

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Collaboration is an integral part of marketing and marketing is constantly 
evolving. In order to stay ahead of the curve, marketers must brain_collaborationcontinuously adapt to the changing landscape of collaboration solutions in the market. Marketing collaboration tools are ultimately a necessity to effectively support all of an organization’s strategies, initiatives and objectives. There are a wide variety of tools available today, and sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. Whatever the solution or platform may be, leveraging these tools to their full potential is key to enhancing productivity and innovation across the marketing organization.


Improvements to meetings and project management are two initiatives that can immediately begin to yield better collaboration results. However, not every solution is an all-in-one, so you must find the tools that are the right fit for each. Momentum Conferencing offers a variety of marketing collaboration solutions that will transform the way marketing teams operate and achieve success.  Here are a few tech tips for marketers to improve their meeting efficiency and make project management easier:

Meeting Efficiency

Meeting efficiency is crucial for marketers who spend most of their time juggling the many deliverables and projects that successful marketing operations require. When you have efficient, productive meetings, you help to eliminate those boring, unproductive meetings that we so desperately try to avoid. Choosing an all-in-one tool, such as  iMeet®, will provide users unlimited potential to conduct the most efficient meeting possible. iMeet gives you a more engaging conferencing and collaboration solution for team meetings, group discussions and presentations. Here are a few tips to increase your meeting efficiency:

Go virtual – Host a virtual meeting when you can’t be there in person or have a dispersed team.

Video meetings – Real-time video can help you communicate your ideas immediately and also allow users to see and understand the presenter clearly in HD quality.

Chat functions – A chat feature can provide real-time Q&A, feedback and even polling for attendees.

Ensure easy access – Employ a solution that doesn’t require passwords or complex sign-on processes, where guests can join with just one-click access so the meeting can begin right away.

Project Management

In a typical marketing organization, there are multiple projects going on at a time to support a wide variety of objectives and activities, usually involving many different stakeholders and team members.Project management solutions should make it easier for project managers, allowing greater collaboration between team members and increased output. Consider these tips for marketers to make managing projects easier:

Admin access – Manage the access levels for individuals involved with your projects, and limit the access of specific participants for sensitive documents and workspaces.

File version control – This allows project teams to keep track of document changes, revisions and markup.

Assign tasks and milestones – Assign tasks and milestones to individual team members or whole groups and set auto reminders for deadlines and deliverables.

Telecommuting – Consider a collaboration solution that allows team members to work remote Team members can work more creatively and freely when not confined to their desks.

File sharing service – When your main solution can’t send those large files, project docs and media presentations, use a file sharing service such as Drop Box or Google Drive. Many organizations have data limits that prevent traditional tools such as email from getting your big files where they are needed most.

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