Momentum Conferencing Tip of the Day: Virtual Meetings

Without the traditional face-to-face business connection, it’s important that virtual meetings run smoothly.

Conference calls are a productive way to hold meetings, especially for individuals who would otherwise have to travel far distances to attend. However, if the call is not conducted in an organized manner, it can be a waste of time for everyone.

Here are three tips to help you conduct successful teleconferences, whether you are meeting with a small group or presenting to a larger audience.

Organize and Prepare

Create an agenda, call outline or program and make sure all participants have a copy before the meeting begins. You should also consider sending out support materials prior to the call so participants can print or review them ahead of time. This will help keep your meetings on track, maximize productivity and eliminate wasting time on useless topics.

Preparing Your Equipment

Nothing is worse than having to delay or postpone a meeting due to technology malfunctions. As the host, you must understand how the conferencing platform works, or else you just end up looking unprepared and unprofessional.  So, before you begin a conference call, spend some time researching the service and learning its features. Likewise, make sure you test your connection and call features prior to the live call. This will hopefully eliminate any problems during your meeting so that you can stay focused on your overall goals and objectives.

Record the Conference Call

Many conferencing services, like iMeet, allows you to record meetings. This can be incredibly useful for several reasons. Firstly, it allows participants to go back and review the discussion if they need more clarification. Secondly, if an individual was unable to join the meeting, they can still listen to the recording so they don’t miss out on any important information that was discussed. Finally, recordings are a great way to keep track of what was presented to ensure that you, your co-workers and partners are always on the same page.

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