Applications for a Video Culture in Education

The goal of education is to create the best learning opportunities for students

With video conferencing, you can bring the world into the classroom. From interactive smartboards to laptops and mobile devices, video conferencing is about creating a learning atmosphere that is up to date, engaging, and effective.

Momentum Conferencing is leading the way to a more interconnected learning experience. Whether at work or in the classroom, Momentum has the tools you need to improve communication and enhance educational experiences. But how exactly do you use a video conferencing system in education? Take a look at the three examples below.

  1. Go on Virtual Field trips

    Although taking students out on field trips are fun and hugely beneficial, sometimes it just isn’t feasible. With time restraints, money concerns and staffing issues, planning field trips can sometimes feel like an impossible task. But with video conferencing, the trip can come to you. Money, time and distance will no longer hinder learning opportunities for students as they can take a trip thousands of miles away with just the push of a button.

  2. Connect with experts

    When studying the history of ancient Rome or learning about World War II, it can sometimes feel like there are limitations to your knowledge. Wouldn’t it be great to bring in an expert to discuss these topics in more depth and detail? Well, with video conferencing, this is possible. Experts from all around the world will be able to teach in front of your class, answer questions and interact with students. This will surely enhance learning opportunities and help bridge any knowledge gaps that distance can create.

  3. Record Classes

    Although you hope that students don’t miss class, sometimes it’s inevitable. This is why video conferencing can be such an effective tool. It allows teachers to record their lessons and send the videos to their absent students. This means that students won’t miss out on any important lessons and risk falling behind. Recording classes can also be beneficial for teachers for evaluation purposes.

As you can see, there’s a huge range of ways that video conferencing solutions can enhance students’ learning experience. So why not try the technology for yourself and see what it can do for your classroom?

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