Meet Kevin S. Lee

Kevin S. Lee is an Account Executive at Momentum Conferencing

Kevin has been working at Momentum Conferencing for the past 8 months. In his short time here, he has established great relationships with his customers, coworkers and managers. He is a key member of the sales team and is always looking to help other succeed.

There is no doubt that Kevin is a hard worker who is always striving to learn and improve, but I bet you didn’t know that Kevin manages an Instagram account for his dog…and she already has over 7,000 followers! Don’t believe me? Check it out @leelathecorgi.

Below are some more fun facts about Kevin.

  1. When you’re not working, what do you do for fun? (Hobbies, Activities, etc.)

    Eating and walking my dog

  2. Are you a dog person or cat person? (There is a right answer to this question)

    Dog…obviously. I manage an account for my dog Leela after all.

  3. Early bird or night owl?


  4. How many tattoos (if any) do you have?

    One…but no one in the office knows what it is.

  5. How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?

    Surprisingly only one.

Now you know a little bit more about Kevin and his dog Leela. Stay tuned for next week when we introduce another member of our team for Feature Friday.


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