Why Video Conferencing Can Be The Best Choice

Proven Benefits of Video Conferencing

handshake photo“Responsive and good quality customer service is essential to running and maintaining a successful business.

People expect their customer service experience to be as quick as possible, and they also want to connect on a personal level. Video conferencing can serve as an additional channel to establish more personal connections with customers”

In trying to convey to you on why video conferencing is a good choice, research has shown that we get a better response from someone when we are able to view them face-to-face. However, do we understand the inherent benefits of video conferencing?

In a recent study done by the Fraunhofer Institute, it found that “teams who worked together via video conferencing were more productive”. Simply meaning that when we are able to see someone’s face, it makes it easier for us to gauge how one-another is interacting with what we are telling them, and how effective we are at explaining ourselves.

video_conferenceSpecifically, “81% of participants said that the task felt divided rather than united – whereas business video-conferencing delivered genuine collaboration”. The study also showed that “74% felt that decisions reached through video-conferencing were better received to be more like joint-decisions than those reached via phone/email”.
[To read more on the study done by the Fraunhofer Institute click here!]

Another aspect is the importance of being able to read faces and body language. We have to stop and consider the fact that we aren’t entirely sure when it comes to audio calls, what the person on the other end is doing. Why are they silent? Are they upset? Are they thinking? What are they doing? Video takes the guess work out of speculating what the other party is doing or thinking and allows for a more translucent conversation.

The point that I am attempting to make is not why video conferencing is better is than audio conferencing, rather what I’m expressing are the effects and the power that can be controlled when you are able to use video conferencing and see a person’s face and body language in a meeting. As companies grow and become more mobile, video conferencing becomes a necessity to maintain a healthy business and develop a sense of teamwork, amongst employees.

All that said, video conferencing has the capability to allow for real collaboration and team building.

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