Wainhouse Research Webinar on Carriers Building a Winning Strategy

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Telco carriers know all too well that client loyalty, diminishing volumes and plummeting margins are demanding they find creative ways to remain relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. That’s why staying ahead of the game and understanding the best strategy to remain or become an integral part of a customer’s business is mission critical.

Wainhouse Research can provide insight about building the best go-to-market strategy with their free webcast, Conferencing Services to UC Solutions: Wainhouse Research on Carriers Building a Winning Strategy, hosted on August 11 at 12:30 pm EST.

Marc Beattie, Wainhouse Research Senior Analyst and Partner,  will not only discuss the unique challenges that telco carriers are facing today globally, but also the trends with partnering with OTT providers and the potential of UC&C as an enabler for fixed-mobile convergence.

PGi’s Senior Director Global Carriers, Frank Paterno, will be providing some real-life perspective on the options available, the dangers of “doing nothing” and how carriers can leverage their network assets to survive and prospect in their increasingly competitive markets.

Make sure to register for this can’t-miss webcast to learn more about market trends, the competition in the sector and Wainhouse Research recommendations to carriers. Click here to register for the event.

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