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Your company might be in the high-tech sector, and it might be at the cutting edge of its field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re enjoying the benefits of the latest next generation enterprise communication. Today’s flexible, cloud-based Unified Communication suites are a natural fit for the way the world’s smartest companies work. If you’re not taking advantage of this collaboration technology, you may be holding your organization back. Here’s why:

Built for today’s world

Today’s start-ups have 100% digital storefronts – their customers (like their staff) can be anywhere in the world. If you’re a lean, mean setup – with a lean, mean travel budget to match – UC offers you the chance to be close to your customers and give them the attention and service they expect and deserve, even if you can’t be there in person.

UC makes communications affordable, allowing even the smallest company to punch above its weight, delivering a standard for client collaboration that customers will appreciate. Keeping a dispersed salesforce in touch with developments and the chance to make the most of a workforce wherever they are is also possible with real-time, SaaS-delivered UC.

Talent is global, and UC gives you the option of building virtual teams of colleagues across continents, creating the perfect skillset without being held back by geography. With ad hoc virtual meetings with desktop sharing and access from mobile devices, people can share ideas and work together as easily as they can work across the desk. Agile Project Management stops being a ‘nice to have’ and starts being the natural way to work.

High tech moves fast – but legacy conferencing systems (and international travel) are slow. By doing business leveraging UC, you can make things happen quickly and without interrupting anyone’s day or workflow; seamless internal and external communication with colleagues, partners and clients gives you a leg up on business while your competitors are still finding a conference room or booking a flight.

Similarly, UC makes it easier to bring together acquired companies with disparate systems: because it’s software-based it’s easy to scale and implement, and can adapt to legacy conferencing technology. So, every part of your business can talk to any other, and you can start leveraging those economies of scale.

Made for each other

UC and small, agile high tech companies are made for each other. They’re both born of the same spirit of constant innovation and seamless, borderless, cost-effective business. If you run a high tech company and you’re not already taking advantage of the benefits of UC, chances are that you’re missing a trick.

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