Four Steps to Implement a Successful Unified Communications Solution

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There are so many elements to implementing a successful unified communications solution – follow our four step guide to ensure your business gets off on the right foot.

When implemented correctly, unified communications can make life a lot simpler for your business. Despite this, it can be complex to deploy, and ensuring your business is well prepared for unified communications can make or break the early success of your solution. Here’s four key elements to keep in mind when implementing unified communications for your workplace.

Step 1: Be preparedimg-collaborating

Understanding your company needs, your resources and your employees is essential when considering a unified communications solution. This Slideshare contains a checklist of six questions to ask yourself, your business and your employees to help prepare for the introduction of unified communications.

Step 2: Think about your BYOD policy

BYOD is a key element of any state-of-the-art unified communications solution, and offers a number of advantages for flexibility, responsiveness and accessibility. But have you considered what your BYOD policy will look like, how your employees will use their devices, and how you’ll communicate the benefits to your staff? This Slideshare has some great tips for turning BYOD into a real business asset.

Step 3: Make sure your business is secure

Video conferencing is the future of business communication, but like any technology, it can be vulnerable to security issues if not implemented correctly. This Slideshare outlines three key areas to think about in order to secure your video conferences and minimise any risk of security breaches. However unlikely it is that your unified communications solution would be hacked, it’s always better to be prepared.

Step 4: Train your employees

One of the biggest barriers to adoption for any new technology in the workplace is your employees’ confidence in their own skills and knowledge. Give them the tools to get the most from your unified communications solution and they are far more likely to embrace it. This Slideshare has some great tricks for getting the most from any video conference, and is a great resource if your employees are a little cautious.

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