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Silence isn’t always a bad sign on a conference call…

I know that it can be nerve-racking when participants aren’t actively engaging with your presentation, but silence isn’t always a bad thing. Participants may just need time to think and absorb the content. So, don’t feel the need to always fill in the silence with unnecessary comments or questions.

However, dead silence is definitely cause for concern. If you are the only only talking on the call, try these simple tips to increase participation.

1. Check in frequently to solicit comments or verbal acknowledgements. For example, ask the group for their feedback on specific points or topics that you are covering.

2. If you haven’t heard from a specific audience member, don’t be afraid to call them out (in a nice way). Ask them for their thoughts and reactions while they are on the call. If they really have nothing to say then don’t push it. There is no value in pressuring people for an answer they don’t have.

3.  Assign roles before the call begins. If you want certain people to discuss topics or ideas in more detail, then assigning roles is a great way to achieve that. This will not only increase participation but it will give you a break from having to host the entire call.

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