Meet Rodrigo Lopez

Rodrigo Lopez is a Collaboration Consultant at Momentum Conferencing.

Rodrigo has been working at Momentum Conferencing for the past 5 months. He is in charge of matching customers with the right collaboration system and conferencing solutions. He is always looking out for his client’s needs and does his best to ensure they have a positive buying experience.

When Rodrigo isn’t at work you will find him doing something active. He is a fitness fanatic and really values the importance of getting out and staying in shape. He is actually a personal trainer. So, if you are in the Vancouver area and looking for some help finding a new workout plan, Rodrigo can help you out. Check out his instagram page here.

Below are some more fun facts about Rodrigo…

1. What is your biggest fear?

Not being able to travel the world. I’d hate to miss the opportunity meet new people and experience all the different cultures.

2. Are you a dog person or cat person?


3. How many tattoos do you have?

I have two tattoos right now but I am planning to get more.

4. Early Bird or Night Owl?

Early Bird

5. What is your Momentum Tip of the Day?

Increasing productivity comes from creativity and finding new solutions/ways to do things, be different or be dead!

Stay tuned for next week when we introduce another member of our team for Feature Friday.


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