Webinars Continue to be a Hot Lead Generation Tool

Are you using webinars to generate more leads for your company? If not, you will after reading these 3 tips.

1. Promote the Webinar

Weeks before the webinar begins you need to tell people what your webinar is about. A great way to do this is through teasers.

This can be through short promo videos, pictures or blogs. Increasing registration rates means increasing leads.

Watch this quick video for an example of how you can promote your webinars to potential clients.

2. Follow-up

So you’ve set up a webinar and people have already signed up. That’s great! Because you now have the names and email addresses of all the participants attending your webinar. But your job isn’t finished once the webinar ends.

As soon as a webinar event concludes, you should do these 4 things.

      • Thank them for attending
      • Send them more relevant articles or resources
      • Invite them to your next event
      • Survey them regarding their experience.

This will lay the groundwork for mutually-beneficial relationships.

3. Share it

Your webinar just ended and you think to yourself “Gee, that went well, everyone seemed so engaged and excited about what I had to say “. Again, this is great! You have another opportunity to generate leads by sharing this on your website, blog posts,  social media and other video-sharing platforms. But just remember to prioritise your webinar on social networks that appeal to your target market. And according to the Digital Brand Institute…

“To add more fuel to your promotional fire, you should try investing in online advertising. Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are great tools to get more participants”

This will allow you to use your existing content to increase engagement outside your existing lead database.

Now stop reading this blog and start preparing for your next webinar. Potential customers are waiting.

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