Digital Transformation and How Can It Lead Your Organization to Success


In today’s blog that was written by Chelsea Mize over at PGi she talks about the importance of understanding digital transformation. As we live in a technology-filled environment it is no surprised that how we work is shaped by the tools we use. As workplaces evolve and adopt different methods of working (i.e. remote working). It then becomes vital to understand how our business practices demands our technologies to keep up with us. Mize states, “Digital Transformation is a phrase that frequently gets used in the technology space, and it’s a phrase that businesses would do well to incorporate into how they work”. This is her explanation of what Digital Transformation is, and how it can lead to your organization’s success!

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In short, digital transformation represents the connection between people, process and technology. Digital transformation is all about ensuring that businesses (and the people that run them) are effectively leveraging the power of technology in alignment with their business processes and goals.

The digital transformation process has six phases: Pre-Decision, Pilot, Deployment, Adoption, Operations and Future. Through their upcoming webinar series, Modality Systems will help guide you through the digital transformation process and ensure that you are getting the most out of the technology available.

What Are the Features of a Successful Digital Transformation?

A successful digital transformation requires technology to support operational processes. The digital transformation must also support the company’s business model and take into account how the user experiences can either encourage or hinder adoption. The post-adoption phase of digital transformation is where organizations truly begin to experience value and see the benefits of digital transformation.

How Can You Benefit from Digital Transformation?

To be successful, companies must embrace new technology as they strive to reach their goals and remain competitive in their respective markets. Digital transformation will help companies deliver better and more relevant customers experiences while simultaneously enabling more productive employee outcomes. Digital transformation will also help companies realize new and more sophisticated business models that further drive revenue and build towards success.

What Will Be Covered in the Digital Transformation Webinar Series by Modality Systems?

The Modality Systems webinars will cover the detailed process of digital transformation, as well as key security risks and mitigation strategies associated with cloud deployments. Additionally, the webinars will cover performance issues and how to manage those environments while leveraging the Skype Operations Framework (SOF) and its role in the transformation process.

In this day and age, if you’re not leveraging the technology at your disposal, you’re not going to be successful. Learn how to harness the power of technology and achieve digital transformation in your organization with the help of Modality Systems’ three-part webinar series on digital transformation”


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