What you need to know about security with your Momentum Conferencing account

You’ve probably been reading some of the recent coverage regarding serious security breaches with the popular ZOOM video chat and meeting platform. This is a subject that we at Momentum Conferencing take very seriously.

Much of the coverage is concerned with questions of encryption/data security, criticism for routing some user data through servers in China, as well as an issue that has ubiquitously become known as “Zoombombing” – an occurrence where uninvited attendees break into and disrupt meetings with hate-filled or pornographic content.

This has left many businesses rightfully concerned.

Depending on which web collaboration tools you subscribe to, there are different features you can enable to ensure that your meeting is as secure as you want it to be. End-to-end encryption, conference lock, waiting rooms, invite-only meetings, and meeting passcode enablement are among the features that assure higher levels of security for your virtual meetings.

Audio Conferencing

Momentum audio-conferencing accounts are protected by two passcodes (Host and Participant) which are tied to the number set. The probability of someone hacking into one of your calls by guessing those combinations is 1 in more than 10 million. In other words, highly secure.

On top of this, there are several features embedded in your existing service to assure that your calls have the highest possible level of security.

  1. Conference Call Viewer or Integrated Web-Conference Tool – Using one of our web collaboration platforms or conference viewer tools, allows you to see the identity of each participant on your call, and even allows you to kick people out.
  2. Conference Lock – Once all invited participants are present, you have the option of locking the conference to ensure that no uninvited guests can attend.
  3. Scramble Your Participant Codes – You can also change your participant passcodes periodically using your online administration platform.

What about our web and video conferencing platforms?

At Momentum Conferencing, we offer a wide range of web collaboration tools including Global Meet 5, Unified Meeting 5, CISCO WebEx, and Adobe Connect Pro. Each product has been vetted for security and feature industry-standard 128 bit or better encryption. 

What about my larger events?

A lot of the ZOOM meeting issues have occurred because large-scale communications events have been interrupted by hackers or Zoombombed. When conducting large scale, company-wide events or mission-critical stakeholder communications, we recommend using event services platforms that offer added levels of authentication and security. 

Our Events Partner, The Streaming Network, recently published this article on securing virtual events that dives deeper into this topic here.

For any questions about the security of the service you are subscribed to or to get information about what services are available, please contact client services 1-888-551-5925 x2 or clientservices@momentumconferencing.com.

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