Unified Meeting 5

Take your conference calls to the next level with Unified Meeting 5, a premiere online meeting solution designed to provide professional meeting spaces. Use all of the best features from the various platforms on the market to elevate your communication operations.

Product Details

  • File Annotation
  • Call Recording
  • Live Assistance


Ease Of Use
Call Recording
Business Scalability

About Unified Meeting 5

Unified Meeting 5 comes from InterCall Solutions, who have been creating online meeting spaces for over 20 years. Enjoy a robust platform created from decades of smart development, user feedback, and technological advancement.

The Best of All Platforms

What’s in a name? Unified Meeting 5 pulls together the best features from top online conferencing brands around the world and puts them into a single product. Never wonder if you’re missing out on the most desired features again.

Detailed Reports

Check in with your team to make sure that meetings line up with everyone’s schedules, and see how long those meetings take. Use that data to optimize your schedule and operations regularly. Keep meetings productive and to the point.

Take Advantage of Custom Waiting Rooms

Meetings can crowd your schedule, and sometimes they run late. You can’t control how others manage their time—but you can keep your next meeting participants online when you need some breathing room.

Share Everything to Communicate Clearly

Share your files, screen, and other project assets with participants to visualize everything you’ve been working on. Enjoy live-editing and annotation to make notes on your files right as people bring up new points.

Break Out into Sub-Meetings Easily

Don’t keep dozens of people waiting to start productive, hands-on sessions. Divide participants into sub-meetings to tackle specific projects and topics. When everybody’s focused, nobody’s dropping the productivity ball.


Unified Meeting 5 from InterCall is the product of years in technological development, customer feedback, and workflow optimization. It brings the most sought-after features in online conferencing under one banner.

Unified Meeting 5 Features

lists_page_icon_3 Clear Audio Quality lists_page_icon_3 Enterprise Plans
lists_page_icon_3 Annotate Documents Live lists_page_icon_3 Fast Meeting Entry
lists_page_icon_3 Content Sharing lists_page_icon_3 Live Assistance
lists_page_icon_3 Social Media Integration lists_page_icon_3 Team Scheduling
lists_page_icon_3 Custom Waiting Rooms lists_page_icon_3 Mobile App
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