3 Ways to Improve Small Business Meetings

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners. I saw first hand all the responsibilities and stress that comes with running a business. From returning phone calls, responding to emails, ordering new inventory, supervising staff and more, finding time to sit down for that much-needed meeting was near impossible. Yet, skipping the meeting altogether lead to even more chaos and frustration.

So, how can entrepreneurs do a better job at planning and leading productive meetings?

Set an Agenda (and stick to it)

As you are planning your next meeting, it is always good practice to create a list of topics and objectives that need to be discussed. Set timelines for how long you will spend on each item to maximize time and productivity. Without clear talking points, irrelevant conversations can quickly sidetrack a meeting and ultimately require another call or in-person discussion.

Click here to see an example of Meeting Agenda Template.

Assign a Meeting Moderator (always)

Delegating specific roles is another great way to keep discussions and decision-making on target. It is the moderator’s job to ensure that the meeting agenda is followed and that discussions don’t go off track. It is also the moderator’s responsibility to ensure that all action items are executed after the meeting ends. This person should remain an active part of the conversation without replacing the leader’s presence in the meeting.

Use the right collaboration tools

Finally, in order to run a smooth and productive meeting when you are away from the office, you need to use the right collaboration tools. With a solution like GlobalMeet, business owners can join meetings with a tap of the screen on their smartphones. This makes meetings on-the-go easier than ever. This tool also allows you to share documents and desktops, so you can still communicate effectively when you are out of town.

Meetings – virtual or in-person – are a necessary part of maintaining and expanding a small business. Following these three tips will not only help make your meetings more productive, but it will also improve overall communication in the organization. This is key to growth and success in any industry.

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