A Changing View of Collaboration

Bringing Different Tools Togetherimg-collaborating

UC&C is changing the modern office by not only improving teamwork but also by bringing together employees that may be separated by thousands of miles into what is essentially the same room. The technologies that make up UC&C allow teams—both remote and in-house—to collaborate in the ways that work best for them. As collaboration tools continue to grow to meet the unique needs of the modern employee, their reach will further expand to include an increasing variety of devices and communication methods.

For example, with the practical ubiquity of easy-to-use video conferencing, employees now have the choice to always see each other face-to-face. Collaboration-centric project management tools allow employees to work together on documents, incorporate edits and suggestions and track comments and changes without needing to physically be present. Employees can chat with each other via IM, saving time and leading to quick solutions for pressing questions.

Collaboration in the workplace is becoming more and more vital. As a result, employees that are adopting unified messaging, video conferencing and mobile solutions are becoming increasingly productive and effective.

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