4 Ways an Event Can Be Better as a Virtual Event

3. Boost Lead Generation by Leveraging Virtual Events.

Using an online platform lets you create real-time interactions via chat and instant meetings with sales prospects, allowing you to find out a prospect’s area and level of interest, answer questions and move the buyer along the process more quickly and effectively than via email or some other asynchronous method of communication.iStock_000072762327_Small-660x330

Another way to gain leads is by providing access to recorded sessions, whitepapers and other resources long after the event has ended. Your content keeps working after the live event is over.

Doing this allows you to reach people who couldn’t attend the live event and also lets those who participated review content they found interesting—they are even able to pass information and links on to their co-workers or other business contacts, which is always a plus!

Content that is widely available, and content that is recommended by a trusted source, leads to more connections and potential prospects.

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