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You have a lot on your plate at work. And you are very motivated to finish it all, but then-BOOM-this happens…

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Something suddenly comes up and distracts you from the task at hand. But don’t worry, you aren’t the only one who has a hard time staying focused at work. But there are ways to minimize these annoying distractions.

Prioritize your tasks

The first hour at work is usually when people are most productive. This is because they are refreshed, energized and ready to put in another good day of work. In knowing this, you should put your more demanding and difficult tasks first on your agenda. Getting the pressing work out of the way means that you get to end your day with more routine and simple tasks that you can do blindfolded. That way when distractions do come, you will have an easier time picking up right where you left off.

Put on headphones

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Now, most people will agree that music can be a good motivator to drive you.  However, when it comes to plugging in at work, there is often quite a debate. Some workplaces do not allow headphones, which is a shame because wearing them can actually increase productivity.

  • It sets the expectation that you are occupied-When people see you wearing headphones, they will be less likely to interrupt or disturb you.
  • It drowns out the noise-Working in an open office setting comes with lots of distractions. But putting your headphones on will help you tune them out and allow you to focus more on your work.
  • It increases Motivation – Music can be a great motivator. It can help boost your energy and mood to keep you more focused and productive. Don’t believe me? Well, it has been scientifically proven! Teresa Lesiuk conducted a study to see if music actually made a difference in the workplace. And she found out that…

“music listening based on workers’ choice to listen ‘when they want as they want,’ is beneficial for state positive affect, quality-of-work, and time spent on a task”.

In short, music can help increase your productivity. But there is a time and place for everything. Make sure you check in with your managers to see if you are able to use this effective option.

Bring in snacks

Let’s face it, nothing distracts you more from work than a grumbling stomach. So make sure that you always have snacks within arms reach so you can refuel quickly to help you better concentrate on your work. This goes for water as well. Not all stomach rumblings are signs of hunger, sometimes all you need is a glass of water. But just make sure that you keep both snacks and water close by. Nothing is worse than having to walk to the water station and becoming prey to even more distractions.


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