How Modern is Your Collaboration Strategy?

How Modern is Your Collaboration Strategy?

Since you’re reading a collaboration blog, you must be using collaboration in some way, shape or form in your organization. Even if you came here by accident you probably are using collaboration.

Conferencing, Collaboration and now Unified Communications technology is the part of our day-to-day business life. Hence the question…

Are you getting the most out of your collaboration technology stack?

As Canada’s leading independent collaboration technology provider we know that many of our customers only make use of the most basic features available to them within the various technologies, so we created a list of the things your collaboration technology really should be taking care of!

Number 1: Mobile Apps

First off, your collaboration technology should have a mobile application.

If you don’t believe me believe this: a recent study concluded that 68% of conference calls have at least one mobile attendee.

Of the 27 calls I hosted in the last month, 9 of those were hosted from my mobile device, and I am not even out in the field that much anymore!

So what does a mobile app give me?

One click call access: I can click on my app and launch a conference call (or join one for that matter) and launch my call without dialing a single number or entering a passcode.

Call control: I can see who is on my call for security reasons and even mute lines that are causing feedback, same as when I am at my PC.

See Documents and screen share: Sure, my mobile screen isn’t as big as my desktop monitor, but I can see what I need to in a meeting.

Want to see what this type of collaboration looks like?

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