3 Reasons to Use Cell Phones Over Desk Phones

Are Office Phones Dying?

Our friends at PGI conducted a survey that suggests mobile phones are becoming the new go-to for work related meetings. According to their survey, “60 percent of respondents said they only have a personal cell phone, and when working from home, 58 percent connect to meetings using their cell phones”. Does this mean the end of the office phone as we know it?

According to another survey conducted by RingCentral, 83% of 505 employee respondents have desk phones. Yet, 57 percent of respondents said they would be willing to make work calls using their mobile devices. So what are the benefits of using a cell phone over the desk phone?

1. More Freedom

Rather than being tied to your desk when you’re waiting on a client call, you can go anywhere. Having the freedom to make and take calls in and out of the office can increase customer service and productivity.

2. Cut Costs

Paying for both landlines and a cell phone can add up. Assess how many minutes you are using your phone each day. If it is cheaper to find a cell phone plan that can meet both your work and personal needs, then it is a no-brainer to switch. Just make sure you do your assessment carefully, you never want to go over on your mobile minutes because overages can add enormous costs to your bill.

3. Mobile is Smarter

Cell phones have memory, storage, algorithmic processes, email, instant messaging and more. These modern day technologies are non-existent in desk phones. In short, the desk phone simply doesn’t function the way mobile or Web communication services can, which is a huge disadvantage.

For more reasons why it may be time to retire the desk phone, check out PGI’s survey results below.

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