December is upon us, time to give back …

Covenant House

At Momentum Conferencing we have a strong sense of helping others. 

We are in the business of Connecting People, Anytime, Anywhere.   It would go without saying then that reaching into our Community is part of our passion.   With a focus on families, children and the environment, each year we help out in the Community.  Whether by sponsoring individuals in their personal pursuits, volunteering at Community events, sponsoring children overseas or offering funding to organizations so the experts can provide their top-notch care and support, we do what we can. 

December is upon us.  In particular, and at this time of the year, we are pleased to be able to offer financial support to Covenant House Vancouver and Covenant House Toronto.  Their wonderful and supportive staff provide a host of services to the homeless youths of these cities including basics like food, shelter, and clothing, as well as transitional programs to help these kids get off the streets and transition into a positive, safe lifestyle with a promising future.  The smallest of gestures can make a difference for these kids and we are hopeful our contribution offers them a better outlook and a sense of optimism for the New Year.

Sharon NivenAs Vice President of People Matters at Momentum Conferencing, I am fortunate and proud to have the opportunity to work with our employees and our community in building better lives. If you’re reading this and are part of an organization that shares our commitment, let’s talk ….. 1-888-431-7924

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