Vidyo Web and Video Collaboration

Global Meet Audio empowers businesses to collaborate effectively from anywhere in the world. Its mobile and desktop applications offer multiple connection options to adapt to everyone’s workday schedule, location, and conferencing comfort level.

video conferencing collaboration platform integration with apps for business

Product Details

  • Integrates Boardroom Groups
  • 4K Video Quality
  • Easily Navigate Firewalls


Ease Of Use
Call Recording
Business Scalability

about the Vidyo Platform

Vidyo was built for organizations that thrive on face-to-face meetings on a large scale. It’s products focus on a visual experience in every online meeting, allocating generous screen space to every participant.

Visualize Projects and Participants

Vidyo users enjoy sharing their projects on the same screen for everyone else to see, which has earned it a reputation for high-quality meetings. It’s for people who hate asking “do you see what I’m describing in the spreadsheet?”

Solid Product Integration

Vidyo works on major operating systems like Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and Android, as well as programming languages like Javascript and Objective-C. A good solution for teams with programmers on board.

Adapt Video Quality to Match Connections

Certain parties will always join a conference with slow or spotty connection speeds. Instead of slowing down the entire meeting for everyone, Vidyo adapts the video and audio quality for each participant on the go.

Build Your Layout for Your Meeting

Everyone has a different preferred layout. Vidyo lets you arrange the video conferencing screen the way you want to see it, making room for detailed project displays alongside high-quality video streams for your colleagues.

Integrate Vidyo into Your Own Applications

Perhaps the most developer-friendly video conferencing platform on the market, Vidyo enables tech-savvy teams to integrate its best aspects into proprietary platforms. Merge versatile video conferencing with internal solutions.


Vidyo is for non-technical teams looking for a high-quality conferencing solution, but it also makes it easy for programmers to integrate it into their own video-powered platforms.

Vidyo Platform Features

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lists_page_icon_3 Global Coverage lists_page_icon_3 Multi-Party Conferencing
lists_page_icon_3 Native App Integration lists_page_icon_3 Third Party Integration
lists_page_icon_3 Screen Sharing lists_page_icon_3 Customizable Layouts
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