Video to Become Preferred Enterprise Communication…Why?

#4. Reduces costsVideoConference

Adoption of video collaboration and conferencing tools lowers total costs in the long run for enterprises, especially when it comes to travel, time and personnel expenditures. In fact, our research has shown that conferencing services are less than 4% of the total cost of a meeting.

Video might be more expensive than audio-only calls, but it is minuscule compared to the cost of wasted time and lost opportunity from non-engaged employees stuck on long conferences.

With more enterprises realizing the benefits of video conferencing, video is quickly becoming the go-to form of communication. Companies that prioritize the implementation of more effective collaboration tools like video conferencing will reap enormous benefits, especially as our global workforce continues to become more diverse and flexible.

What has your experience been with video conferencing? Have you seen an increase in adoption of it within your organization?

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