Mobile Technology: VC In Medicine

UK VC UseageIt is estimated that 50% of Video Conference (VC) calls will be on a smartphone or tablet. In 2014 alone, there were 37,724 minutes across the UK on the Blue Jeans Network, suggesting that in 2015, the UK will make 15,000+ mobile VC calls (just on the Blue Jeans Network alone).

Evidently the UK has discovered the cost savings associated with VC calls as its doctors and patience are now utilizing its benefits to great success. Doctors need to see patients. It’s how healthcare works. That used to mean waiting for appointments and meeting in person, but research shows that doctors are now connecting with patients more and more through video calls – Blue Jeans has seen a significant increase of usage

The backstory is similar to ours here in North America, healthcare organizations and professionals need to act now to review ways of work to help address these challenges and for many, this means turning to the latest tech in a bid to save money, whilst offering a higher quality of service.

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Video Conferencing

How Video Conferencing can help improve your corporate culture.

In a survey of 263 C-level executives, Frost & Sullivan research  asked how Video Conferencing helped improve their corporate culture. The 263 surveyed were among those who say video conferencing is used extensively throughout their organizations.

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