9 More Productivity Tips to Get the Most out of Your Summer Hours

Original Post by Andrea Duke

There’s a simple formula we would like you to take note of: Productivity + Efficiency = More work done faster. And when that equation is used, it means you’re able to get back to enjoying your summer time hours faster. To help you use that equation to its full potential, we’ll be bringing you some productivity tips each week.

Each of these tips were handpicked by our PGi employees, and since we’re the experts on productivity, you know these come from a good place. After all, we’re just like you! We want to enjoy our time outside of the office and in the summer sun just as much as you and your coworkers do. So, without further ado, here’s this week’s nine produc
productivity-for-adhdtivity tips:

19. Switch up your environment and work outside or at a coffee shop to get you back on track.

20. If you are stuck, change what you are working on. Sometimes the epiphany comes if you put that task aside for a while.

21. Use a project management tool, such as Trello to keep your tasks straight.

22. Researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand found that a daily 20-minute run helped people complete problem-solving tasks more quickly and efficiently than their non-exercised counterparts.

23. Pump the music! Try a playlist scientifically designed to stimulate productivity.

24. Write down everything you need to get done and complete the tasks you dislike the most first.

25. Stick to your allocated time when running or attending meetings. You can always say, “I have another commitment to get to” to end on time!

26. Use ColdTurkey (PC) or SelfControl (Mac) which allow you to block your access to a customizable list of distracting websites for a specified amount of time.

27. Create your own personalized productivity ritual, such as no talking to co-workers when your headphones are on. Commit for 21 days to make it a habit!

For more productivity tips, check out last week’s Summer Hours Productivity Tips, and stay tuned for more productivity tips next week.


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